Sunday, January 29, 2006

"All cats are bats
All bats are rats
>All cats are rats"
This is a valid argument! (Though unsound it may be)

Thursday, 26th January 2006

Supper with V Gang (okay, so only May, Ivan and Ruiyi turned up) at Simpang Bedok.

Menu for the day:
Chicken rice paprik (Black pepper chicken with nasi goreng)
Egg Prata
Chicken Masala Murtabak (Chicken Prata with cheese and onions)
Tissue/ Paper Prata (Cone-shaped prata)
Prata Bomb (Fattening Prata with lotsa butter)
Roti John Special (French loaf with sweet sauce)

After much deliberation, the judges decided in a 3 to 1 vote that the Chicken Masala Murtabak was the best order (with a unanimous 4-0 vote on the most disappointing item - The Prata Bomb). In second place was the Roti John Special. Considering the relatively reasonable ($5/person) cost of the meal, it's certainly worth another go in future.

After supper, I wanted to grab a drink, so we went to the Shop 'N Save nearby. What awaited me was a frantic search for bottled and canned drinks, as I spent five minutes racing up and down the various aisles before reaching the 'beverage' aisle. Lo and behold! 'Beverage' in supermarket language means "Milo, tin", "3-in-1 coffeemix" and "Teabags". Frustrated by the layout of the supermarket, I stormed out without making a purchase (I found out on my way out that drinks were sold outside the store).

Friday, 27th January 2006

Went to Marina Square's Long John Silver's for dinner with JM and ZR. From past (bad) experience, I decided against ordering any of the 'special' meals, instead opting for the safer Combo meal. JM tried the grilled fish rice (with rice and fries), and ended up having to wait fifteen minutes before being served. And the worst thing? He had TWO servings of rice and one of fries. Apparently, the counter staff did not inform him that 'side orders' were independant of the main item (fish AND rice), so he ordered rice anyway.

We're getting better at Knights of Valour and Photo Hunt. Woo... :)

Went out again with ZR and mum at one in the morning to engage in the Lunar New Year crowd at Serangoon Central. The G'Value store has been rebranded (It's now a Shop 'N Save outlet) and it now displays poultry in freezer-fridges.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

6 mods, 5 credits, 4-day week ,3 exams, 2nd sem, just 1 of me.

Been busy with Biz law the past week.

Happy 21st Sharon!
Saturday was lunch at Junction 8 with Sharon (Sakae Sushi). We had handrolls, beef soup ('twas sweet! but very tasty) and unagi omelette. Yum yum. Unfortunately, I had to rush down to school for biz law meeting, which dragge on till 6.

TKD reunion dinner
Response was g-reat! 25 people atended the dinner (We were short of space, so a third table had to be set up). Following a sumpteous dinner of yummy fried baby sotong, deep fried fish and cereal prawns, we headed down to Marina Square (a short walk away from school. Hoorah!) where we proceded to play arcade games and pool while waiting for our turn at bowling. Sir Peter was an extraordinary bowler, after he showed us a thing or two about the finer points of bowling. :)

Yup, back to work on Biz Law!

Sunday, January 15, 2006

Just a thought

"What's the main cause for backaches in modern Singapore?"

This question popped to mind as I was travelling on board a public bus on Friday night. Recalling the high incidence of 'chronic lower back pain' at Gedong, I was not surprised that I came to a conclusion that it is all about posture, and buses are partly to be blamed for the aggreviation of such conditions. Just look at how youths and teenagers are seating nowadays: Slouched to the shape of a capital 'U', they adopt this position so that it is more comfortable for their (long, and sometimes not very long) legs (or so they seem, for this position hyperextends the spinal chord, increasing stress on the back). Tsk tsk.

Saturday, January 14, 2006

Had an insightful exchange with NTU's TKD group yesterday night, a collaboration between our coach and theirs, to gauge our standard as well as 'bond' as one martial arts family.

Got the chance to spar twice (3 rounds of 1 minute each), and was fortunate to be up against 2 rather defensive exponents. Techniques and strategies will be formulated over the next few weeks in the build up to the IVP (hosted by NTU this year) after the exchange training session.

NTU's team had a few SAFSA fellas, and a great deal of black belters (no kidding!). Christine had her face kicked (and her gums bled!), but other than that, no major injuries on our side.


After last Wednesday's extended schooling hours (From 8.30 am to 10.45 pm), I hope there won't be another day as long as this in future. Ever.

Our Business, Government and Society class was registered for the George Soros seminar at the Raffles City Convention Hall (George Soros & A Global Open Society - A Dialogue with a New Generation : Full commentary by Agagooga).

Am finding Business law more interesting. Probably due to the fact that I have managed to get my hands on the readings (Book, scripture, whatever you may call it) and actually got to read it. This is in stark contrast to the first lesson, where the Prof was, at least in my opinion, sprouting incomprehensible latin!

Sunday, January 08, 2006

Yo, just a periodic update, to inform you that I am still around, albeit not as active as before (Before entering Uni, I must substantiate).

Term 2 has just begun for me, with the routine 4 day week (Thursday free!) and Wednesday Tae Kwon Do training to boot.

Just back from Toa Payoh Sports Hall, where the SMU TKD team just completed its latest round of grading. Went there from WWS and met up with the rest of the fellas just as they were about to leave Mac's for the Sports Hall. Only memorable event was Mel's pattern, which was very well done until the last section, when she made an erronous turn. I must applaud her courage and strong will, which saw her through the grading. All our fingers are now crossed as to who the mysterious three double promotions belong to (Yep, we sent a small contingent of twelve participants). Good job, fellas!

Next in line will be the TKD IVP, which will involve some really tough training and many more training sessions to be scheduled this Wednesday.

Monday, December 12, 2005

Ho ho ho

Guess who I met in Maple Story just now? Ha ha... couldn't have been more coincidental: Same Server, Channel and location - Jin Yu! So long haven't been in contact.

Maple Update:
Cleric (Level 36)
Archer (Level 11)
Rogue (Level 16)

The month long term break (recess, as they call it) is already a week old, and so far, much has been accomplished:

Went for the Waterways Watch Camp Enviro-Awareness 2005 (Camp 2) orientation (for faciliators). Yup, am no longer food IC... We tried dragon boating, and now I know why dragon boaters usually have HUGE muscles. Even though it ached considerable during the tenacious row, it was only after we went ashore that I realized one arm was inproportionately larger than the other. It could be the result of the rowing, but my theory was that it was simply swollen!

Attended a lunch session with President Howard Hunter of SMU for a rather candid and informal chat. Questions raised by a couple of late comers, however, were pretty formal and structured in tone, and hogged much of the second-half of the session. It ended up more like a press conference than an informal lunch.

After lunch, I zipped over the causeway to Malaysia for a two night stay in Johore. The main highlight of the night? A blackout! Whee... luckily we had candles, but couldn't find a lighter, so had to 'borrow light' from our neighbour. For five minutes, we relished in the candle-lit room. Then, to our dismay (after having acquired light merely minutes ago) and joy, the electricitywas back up again!

Started work on a thousand-piece jigsaw puzzle.

Day 2 of my Johore retreat. Lunch and much of the afternoon was spent at The Store, one of the largest shopping complexes in the area. Everything's rather affordable (half the price of similar stuff over here) with the exception of electronics.

Dinner was at the hawker centre near Bestmart. We had a pretty awesome spread of zi char, including two house dishes: The rojak chicken (unfortunately, the prawn paste was quite strong) and the fruit platter fish (which has quite abit of vinegar, so just a kind warning here).

Final day in Johore. We had to rush back in the morning as mummy had something to attend to. So yup, no shopping today.

Decided to meet up with JM and ZR after lunch for a trip down to Sim Lim Square. ZR commented that there was something about the atmosphere that was not quite the same. Prolly was the absence of a significant number of flyer distributors at the escalators (Only two pathetic souls were present on the third floor, usually one of the more crowded congregation spots for them).

We ended up hunting around the place for the lowest cost Win XP OEM (Fuwell's quite reasonable) and walking all the way to Sunshine Plaza for the Wanton Noodles (At 3 bucks, there is great value in the quantity and quality of fried and soup wantons! Recommended!).

We were comtemplating having tau huay (soya beancurd) after dinner, but eventually, convenience and rationale thinking took us to Foodmore instead, where I had the barley and ginko nuts dessert. Yummy and sweet ending to a hectic afternoon. Heh!

Monday, November 28, 2005

28 November 2005


Just back from SMU, having completed my first paper - Stats 'B', which was a killer. Our Prof had posted up some sample questions on the intranet, but the questions we tackled this morning were a far cry from hers. Further probing into another class of hers revealed that they had taken a different paper (Theirs had 17 MCQs vs. 20 for us).

The past month has been spent rushing to complete deadlines as well as finding time to find meaning and life in varsity life.

Just a month away to the end of my term break (And it hasn't even begun!)

All I want for Christmas are:

- 12-figure bank balance :D
- 11 am breakfast (more like brunch) in bed
- 10 gold bars
- 9 online hours a day
- 8 hours of sleep a day
- 7 days-a-camping
- 6 hundred Gigabytes hard disk space
- Heroes of Might and Magic V
- Civilization IV
- Age of Empires III
- 2 GB XD Card
- 1 High-end gaming Platform

More to come after my final paper at the end of the week!

Thursday, October 20, 2005


Just concluded my LTB Presentation on 'A Leader I have Known'. It was quite successful (And according to Ariel and Kangwei, was better than my Comms presentation), with just a hiccup during Q&A.

Had lunch at the corner coffeeshop along Armenian Street, and ordered a plate of Char Kway Teow ($3), which tasted quite ordinary, shared some Ngoh Hiang Hae Piah (quite expensive, but the prawn crackers were quite nice) with Kangwei, Shouwen and Ariel ($6). Washed everything down with some barley, which according to Shouwen, tastes like 'the water they use to wash the dishes'. Ouch.


Met Debbie in school for the first time. Looks like Pick N Bite is a great place to chance upon friends.

Got back our Stats Quiz. Surprise, surprise... 92 percent. :)

Oh, but the embarassing thing is, my only 2 (rather careless) mistakes came from the MCQ and not the Open-ended questions... :P

Monday, October 03, 2005

All in a Day's Work

Am quite fresh from my first school-free weekend of the semester, which provided a much needed respite from my hecic schedule.

For a change, I met up with Ruiyi on Friday to hunt for Xuelun's present. As I was there rather early, I decided to check out the Library@Orchard. There is a really cool comics collection here (just like Jurong Regional Library, I'd say).

We had our lunch at the Takashimaya basement food court. The Vietnamese Chicken Curry was reasonably good.

After four hours ploughing through Takashimaya and the Heeren, I headed over to SMU for a Blurt gathering, followed by an introduction to the World of Warcraft ;)

Sunday started off with a lazy brunch with Xuelun at Paulaner Brauhaus (Millenia Walk). Food was great, booze (free flow) was in-house and rather light (despite the fact that it contained 4.5% vol of alcohol). It was a simple affair, with most of the usual group present. Buffet-style, great hash browns (authentic ones, at least!) and yummy sausages (88%)

After brunch (It was nearly 3.30pm!), I went home to prepare for dinner with Cousin Lily (which was at Serangoon Gardens Country Club's Jumbo Restaurant). Traditional Chinese crusine, set (table) meals with great value. (80%)

Monday, September 26, 2005

Current Cost of Integrated Casinos (Resorts) to hit S$5 billion
See here for Channel New Asia's take on the issue.

" valuers expect competitive price tender for the site and construction costs to add up to as much as S$5 billion..."

"...This will make the Marina Bayfront integrated resort one of the most expensive integrated resorts with gaming component in the world..."

As I see it, the eventual cost of the project will hit 9, 10 billion SGD if the bidding process drags on. Besides, the bidders might need to make space for provisions, expecially miscellaneous licensing and building permits (especially so since the Marina site will envelope the Marina Bay Waterfront and will no doubt be liable to the stringent judiciary requirements of buildings being consructed next to water catchment areas.

Underneath all the glam, potential operators should also carefully consider the hidden costs involved in the construction and running of the Integrated Casinos (Resorts). Mark my words, 10 billion is not too far off.